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Whether you install, maintain or service an AC system, Berca Carrier Indonesia offers a complete lineup of quality parts and supplies for you.

Toshiba Genuine Parts is ready to maintain the performance and quality of Toshiba products. Toshiba Genuine Parts is genuine Toshiba spare parts recommended by Berca Carrier Indonesia, thus ensuring the authenticity of your Toshiba products because the Toshiba Genuine Parts is the same as that installed on the new Toshiba products.

Why Toshiba Genuine Parts Important for your Toshiba products?

  1. More Secure Material
    Toshiba Genuine Parts is made from materials that have been tested quality
  2. More Durable
    Use high-quality components that last longer
  3. More Save Cost
    With longer service life, Toshiba Genuine Parts can save your maintenance costs
  4. More Easy Being
    Toshiba Genuine Parts can be searched on the official Toshiba Genuine Parts network throughout Indonesia

Our service level commitment for part fulfillment throughout Indonesia
We give guaranteed for all PC Board (3 Month)

Our Spare Parts Distribution Network is quite extensive, providing you with a local supply of important parts.

Service & Parts Center is located in 5 Cities

  • Jakarta
  • Surabaya
  • Bali
  • Medan
  • Palembang