The tailored and flexible services to accommodate all your needs.


Flexible installation offerings to address evolving lifestyle needs.

Comprehensive services from Toshiba are designed to optimize your Toshiba air conditioning machines, deliver exceptional performance, and promote exceptional customer care. High technology products such as Toshiba Air Conditioning requires technical expertise and field experience. Just make sure that you get the Toshiba team to install your state-of-the-art technology machines. You’ll benefit from the expertise and innovation of an industry and technology leader with global experience and a proven track record in air conditioning services.

Turn to Toshiba Air Conditioning services for your home air conditioning installation needs. Our commitment to you:

  • Delivering compliant, reliable and responsive installation service through onsite and even remote expertise for any quick troubleshoot.
  • Utilizing innovative, advanced and proactive technologies.
  • Supporting asset utilization and decision through rich field experience.
  • Customer care with online access for issue resolution, fixes, and complaints.

Toshiba maintenance service program will let your Toshiba air conditioning sytem and chiller system in operates in excellent condition all the time. Toshiba air conditioning will perform periodic inspection and monitoring of operation conditions, to detect any abnormalities. Our maintenance team will perform replacement of parts and prevention of malfunctions to minimize performance deterioration resulting from aging. This periodic inspection and parts replacement will effectively reduces equipment problems and malfunctions.

The periodic maintenance from Toshiba will identify and correct minor problems, before they lead to more complex and expensive repair.

Take no risk - Let Toshiba service team handle all your installation needs.
Call our service assistant at (62) 21 2660 8088 for any inquiries.

Our field technician uses the proper tools to perform standard installation.

Toshiba’s Standard Operation Procedures includes a full operation and testing checklist.